Woolworths shares hacks to save you money on your next purchase


Woolworths shares nifty tricks to save money at your next store after thousands of customers complained about in-store price hikes

  • Woolworths has revealed how to save money at the checkout in any store
  • The retail giant recently posted a viral “savings hacks” video on TikTok
  • They encourage people to look for yellow stickers and savings at the end of the aisle

Woolworths has revealed exactly how to snag a bargain at one of its stores — and it’s as easy as getting a good look down the end of each aisle.

The major retailer shared its “must-know” hacks on TikTok in a cheeky video pointing out how “regular” shoppers can save at the checkout.

The video, which appears to be the first in a series, urges customers not to “sleep” on the special offers touted at the end of each aisle.

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Woolworths showed that yellow stickers like this one are key to an affordable shopping experience

The video also says that customers who like “bargains” should look out for yellow stickers on fresh meat, bread and produce.

“Sticker friends are the best kind of friends,” reads the video’s caption.

The video quickly went viral, with customers adding their two cents.

“I agree, I always look out for the yellow stickers,” wrote one woman.

But others were offended by the video.

“Oh thanks – after 25 years of shopping I was too stupid to notice,” said one woman.

While others said the store was “too expensive” in general.

“A large bottle of Coke costs about five dollars,” complained one man.

“Why can’t you just buy one and get one for free?” asked another customer.

Others complained that they have to make extra trips to larger stores to make shopping more affordable and ensure they get what they need.

They also pointed out the special offers down the aisle and said not to be underestimated

They also pointed out the special offers down the aisle and said not to be underestimated

“Why do I have to go all the way to Lidcombe to get my macro tomato chutney? It’s not in any of my local stores. Bought three to save for another trip soon,” one man complained.

These complaints come after the supermarket chain hiked prices overnight.

Soft drinks like Coca-Cola were among the products to see price increases, but a Woolworths spokesman revealed the increase was linked to the wholesale market.

“In response to an increase in supplier wholesale costs, we have updated our retail prices,” a spokesman said.

“We understand that every dollar counts and we never take the decision to raise prices lightly.

‘We will continue to work closely with our suppliers to provide value and competitive prices in our customers’ stores.’


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