Sanford Health automates appointment scheduling with new partner


Sanford Health on Wednesday announced a new partnership with startup software company Flexwise aimed at simplifying staffing.

“We have almost 10,000 nurses under the Sanford umbrella,” said Erica DeBoer, Sanford Health’s chief nursing officer.

Figuring out when and where all of these nurses are needed based on the number of patients in the many different departments at Sanford’s four major medical centers in the area is a daily challenge.

“We’ve actually done some time studies, and our leaders spend an incredible amount of time balancing the schedule and phoning the frontline teams when there’s a gap in the schedule,” DeBoer said. “By automating some of this, it helps these frontline leaders actually get back to supporting patient care.”

Sanford Health has been working towards automation for the last few years, but has taken a big step towards solving this problem through a new partnership with Flexwise.

“The Flexwise platform is something you can bring up in a browser where our hiring managers on the floor can log into the software that interfaces with our time and planning system and will pull that data and automate a lot of things that we do today be done manually. said Braden Bills, Innovations and Commercialization at Sanford Health.

“Rather than filling out an Excel spreadsheet and doing some of that work manually, it really helps us anticipate what we need today, what we need in the future, and predict what our workforce will need based on our census,” DeBoer said .

It’s going to be a huge tool for hiring managers and others responsible for planning for each department, but also for all Sanford employees.

“There’s a component where the nurses themselves can help pick up shifts and see what’s available and what’s needed,” Bills said.

Sanford Health is the first company to work with Flexwise to perfect this new software.

“They want to sell this nationwide and provide staffing solutions across the healthcare landscape, but Sanford is just that strategic partner that can help them get there,” Bills said.

Sanford Health has been working on its own artificial intelligence tool that will eventually be integrated into the Flexwise software. The final product will be implemented by all Sanford locations this year.


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